Declaring God’s Dream

We could easily declare our dreams, plans and purposes. Many do. That is not what we are about. We are about God’s dream – His eternal gospel plan and purpose.

What is His dream?

We answer: It is His eternal quest to complete our human lives by bringing His divine LIFE into those lives through Jesus Christ. This is the plan that stands firm forever, His purpose through all generations.

People have been created to be completed; redeemed to be renewed, saved to be sanctified.  Created with all the diversity of human life, they have been redeemed for the presence of God’s LIFE (John 10:10). 

How do we align with his dream?

For us, the gospel believed is the gospel lived (Ephesians 1:3-12).  Harvest21 is about that gospel in evangelism, discipleship mobilization, and life lived in submission to God – incarnational ministry.

Our literature and training tools constantly call attention to God’s LIFE-in-life dream that began at creation, has existed throughout history, was realized in Jesus Christ, is passed on to us who believe, and will be realized at the end of time.

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Our Vision:

Thousands of LIFE-in-life people in hundreds of church and community ministries.

Our Purposes:

To contribute LIFE-in-life resources for evangelism, discipleship, great commission love, life, and training.

Our Mission:

To live and serve Jesus His LIFE-in-life way.

Our Fields:

USA, East Africa, Southern Africa, Trinidad, the Caribbean and beyond.

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Declaring God's Dream

God's Dream

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