About Us

We are a small mission team with a large vision desiring to empower others rather than enlarge ourselves.
Dr. Larry and Judy Niemeyer were the founders of Harvest Heralds. They lived and worked in Africa since 1967 and lived in Nairobi, Kenya until Judy's departure to be with the Lord on January 30, 2015. Larry married Virginia Reczek on October 8, 2016, and they continue the work from Nairobi. They each have two adult children. Larry's are in California and Trinidad. Ginny's are in Idaho and Colorado. They have ten grandchildren.

Contact Us:   

Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Niemeyer
Post Office Box 1147
Beaverton, Oregon  97075-1147  USA

Kenya address:
Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Niemeyer
Box 76078-00508
Nairobi, Kenya

E-mail USA and Kenya:  larry@harves21.org
Facebook: larry.niemeyer - harvest
LinkedIn: larry-niemeyer
 Larry and Judy

 Larry and Ginny

Harvest Heralds, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors representing five supporting churches and dozens of individual and family units.  The churches are:
Beaverton Christian Church, Beaverton, Oregon
Christ's Church of the Valley, Bakersfield, California
Northeast Christian Church, Bakersfield, California
Compass Christian Church, Chandler, Arizona
The Shepherd, Porter Ranch, California  

Harvest Heralds, Inc. / Harvest21 Charitable Fund
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Harvest21 General Fund:  

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