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Our Story

Early Callings
Larry committed his life to missions when he was nine years old; Judy, when she was fourteen. Married in 1965, their first mission field was Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1967 as part of Central Africa Mission. Their second field was Zambia in 1972 where they served with Zambia Christian Mission. They registered Harvest Heralds, Inc. as a 501(c) 3 mission organization in 1980 and entered Nairobi, Kenya under that registration in 1982. 

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Each Decade a Decision
Committed to Discipling
Larry and Judy  became committed to discipleship mobilization in 1975 after initial evangelistic, church planting and leadership training efforts. That commitment continued and intensified in Nairobi, Kenya in 1982 where they first began making disciples while serving others.
While Serving Others
Larry and Judy served Daystar University, the Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism, Indigenous Peoples of East Africa Foundation, Mission: Moving Mountains, The Fellowship of Christian Churches, Lifespring Chapel, World Concern, South Africa Bible Institute and Global University.
Following Judy's death with pancreatic cancer in 2015, Larry continued on alone for 21 months and then married Virginia Reczek, a 27-year veteran with Youth for Christ International, in 2016. They have since blended their families and their ministries by God's grace while living in Nairobi, Kenya 
Continuous one-on-one discipleship mobilization grew from just Larry and Judy to 46,000 in 29 years. During those years, they established The Harvest Practicum to maintain the mobility, Harvest Institute to train the leaders, and Harvest Compassion to ensure a discipleship lifestyle in the affected churches and communities.

Running Well - at a slower pace

2014 was a life-changing year. Judy struggled with stage four cancer and lived 10 months with an inspiring and exemplary faith. Larry lost her in January 2015. He also lost the discipleship mobilization, however, due to leadership changes. Going on was a struggle throughout 2015 and 2016. A slower pace became evident. Commitment to discipleship and service to others wavered. 

His marriage to Ginny Reczek in 2016, suddenly added new dimensions to Larry's life: Ginny's love of the Lord, her commitment to Youth for Christ, her huge Kenyan social network, her own children and grandchildren, her counseling and accounting skills, her gifts of the Spirit. 

The seventh decade of their lives is now part of this mission story - a small piece of God's story,a story whose ending we know.