Discipleship Mobilization                                    
Our Goal: 128,000 disciples in our lifetimes.
Our Purpose: To confront the deficiency of appropriate resources and training for effective discipleship mobilization.
Our Methods: One-on-one, life-to-life, focused on Christ, relational simplicity, transformational, and reproductive multiplication every two years.
Our Tools: Five books provide Foundations and Fruitfulness for Discipleship Mobilization.

First Five Discipleship Books

Having used the above tools for 36 years, Harvest21 has introduced an additional set of tools called, "A Discipleship Journey," consisting of several short modules adaptable to different personalities, time frames and methods for effective discipleship mobilization.

A Discipleship Journey

See a close up of the tools we use in the attachment below. Details are still being created for purchasing them individually.  A sample license is also included in the attachments so that you can download the tools and use them in your own way.
Jesus said, "Go into all the world and make disciples." That word, "Go," indicates mobility.
It amazes us how easily much that is called "discipleship" is so sedentary. Success is determined by how many are sitting on the premises rather than how many are standing on the promises of this Great Commission. What should be a loving community, national and world offence becomes a legalistic membership defence. Many church programs go no further than their church or denominational walls.
We have struggled against this tendency. 
Two strategies have been important to us:
1) On the basis of the general rule that most people know about 120 people on a first name basis, we say, "Disciple your network of 120 people.  It does not matter if your contacts don't go to your church. Follow-up on their connections to you: family, school, neighbors, workmates, whoever. Maybe you disciple only 10. That's OK, because they will also have 120 contacts and may disciple ten more."
2) On the basis of the relational priority, we encourage disciplers to keep a discipleship generational log showing the various branches of their results. We kept those records for 25 years in East Africa. Here's how the total effort developed:
     1985     -     4 disciples in one branch
     1990     -     74 disciples in 8 branches
     1995     -     582 disciples in 30 branches
     2000     -     4,003 disciples in 217 branches
     2005     -     16,346 disciples in 891 branches
     2010     -     26,771 disciples in 1,430 branches
     2015     -     43,000 disciples in 1,720 branches   
Does this mean our mobilization has been perfect? No. We have had many challenges, the biggest being that of moving disciples on to become disciple-makers. We have had about a 25% success rate and to improve that, we started a serious campaign of further training  in churches and communities.

See our improvements for discipleship mobilization on the next page - Advanced Discipleship Training.

Cora Hegler,
Mar 27, 2014, 3:57 PM