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Advanced Discipleship Training

Over a period of 28 years, we designed and wrote 74 courses for disciple-makers. They were provided in seminars,
workshops and a three-year diploma program.  Now they are all available as free downloads on this site and can
be copied, adapted, and used as God leads you.

Discipleship Mobilization (1)

The Foundations and Fruitfulness Series

1. Foundations for Discipleship Mobilization
2. Fruitfulness in Discipleship Mobilization
3. The Disciple-maker’s Guide to the Series
4. Building Discipleship Foundations
5. Bearing Discipleship Fruitfulness

Discipleship Mobilization (2)

The LIFE-in-life Discipleship Journey

1. Set Free for LIFE
2. Life Designed for LIFE
3. Knowing God and His LIFE
4. My Place for God’s LIFE
5. LIFE-in-life Relationships
6. God’s LIFE at Work in My Soul

Discipleship Training Skills

1. A Kingdom Priority - Seven Mobilization Principles

2. Mentor Disciple-makers in Four Essential Skills

3. Dreamwalking: The Sacred Dimension of Discipleship

4. Personality Factors for Discipleship Fitness

5. Adult Training Skills

6. Give Life-changing Seminars

7. Become a Discipleship Team Builder

8. A Kingdom Priority – Seven Management Principles

Old Testament Studies

LIFE-in-life Perspectives

1. Genesis through Numbers
2. Deuteronomy through 1 Samuel
3. 2 Samuel through Esther
4. Isaiah
5. Jeremiah and Lamentations
6. Ezekiel
7. Daniel and the Shorter Prophecies


The Four Gospels

LIFE-in-life Perspectives

1. Matthew – Jesus Challenges Religious
2. Mark – Jesus Challenges Leadership
3. Luke – Jesus Challenges Human
4. John – Jesus Challenges Life-centered


The New Testament

LIFE-in-life Perspectives

1. Acts – God’s LIFE-in-life Way
2. Romans through 2 Corinthians
3. Galatians through Philemon
4. Hebrews through Jude
5. Revelation – LIFE-in-life Realization

Group Training Skills

1. Personality Factors for Groups
2. Learning Styles for Group Members
3. Workshops for Discipleship Teams
4. Group Dynamics for Christian Ministries
5. The Planning Cycle for Groups
6. Servant Leadership in Healthy Groups
7. Person to Person Communication


Christian Ministry Skills

1. Personality Factors for Christian Ministry
2. Person to Person Communication
3. Communication for Church and Community
4. Ten Essential Ministry Dynamics
5. Know the Word and Teach It
6. LIFE-in-life Evangelism
7. The LIFE-in-life Church (Ephesians)

Community Service Skills

1. Servant Leadership for Community Service
2. Communication for Church and Community
3. Group Dynamics
4. Kingdom Ministry in Community Settings
5. Community Service with a Difference
6. Community Studies
7. Plan a Ministry for Integrated Discipleship

International Ministries (1)

Cultural Studies for Incarnational Ministry

1. Kingdom and Culture in Genesis

2. Kingdom Faith: Breaking through Religious Boundaries

3. Studies of Time and Space

4. Studies of Status and Role



International Ministries (2)

Field Tools for Building Ministry Relationships

1. Great Commandment and Great
2. Community Dynamics and Personality
3. Life History and Genealogical Analysis
4. Group Dynamics
5. Network Analysis and Contextualization
6. Household and Stewardship Analysis
7. The Kingdom Mandate: Foundations for
    Transformational Stewardship


International Ministries (3)

Exploring Deep Culture

1. Transformation and Mission Enterprise
2. Going Deeper in Religious Studies
3. Deeper Still in World View Studies
4. Power: The Deepest Level