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Discipleship Tools from Harvest21

We call them tools, not books, because they help create a one-on-one relationship between two Christians-a discipler and a disciple.  They aim at transformation, not just the provision of information. Self-evaluations and re-evaluations are supplied where appropriate to measure God’s work of transformation. Otherwise, the contents are replete with questions that reveal transformed thinking (Romans 12:1-2).

The tools contain sessions, not lessons, because relationships of mutual sharing are emphasized. Each session contains Bible studies and personal application exercises, progressing along the relational schedule. The New International Version™ of the Bible is used throughout. They are available as free downloads and also as books to be purchased.

Designed and written by Larry L. Niemeyer. This downloadable version is provided free and can be duplicated and used anywhere in the world to God’s glory. Meanwhile, the author and original ministry continue to use and publish the book and do not give up that right.

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