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Harvest21 Charitable Fund                                                                                    Harvest21 Endowment Fund
Our Vision: Local transformational stewardship for dedicated disciple-makers in multiplied ministries
Our Purpose: To provide a bridge for Christ-centered relationships, a channel for funds, and the tools to mobilize churches, communities and institutions for Great Commission and Great Commandment so that local people can contend with the various underlying causes of Africa's poverty (economic, physical, social, spiritual, leadership and visionary) by implementing transformational stewardship in the context of discipleship mobilization.
Our Missionserving and uniting Christians in Great Commission/Great Commandment ministries. 

Suggested Donations:
  • Provide a disciple-maker with NIV Bibles - $7 each
  • Provide Discipleship Kits for disciple-makers - $10 each
  • Help a disciple-maker to assist one church-sponsored AIDS orphan for home care - $12 per month
  • Help a disciple-maker to assist one orphan care-giver/widow - $25 per month
  • Help a disciple-maker to construct a traditional home of mud, poles and a thatch roof for a widow - $150
  • Help a disciple-maker to construct a semi-permanent home of mud bricks and a tin roof for a widow - $400
  • Help a disciple-maker provide a scholarship for one high school student - $500 per year
  • Help a disciple-maker start an income-generating project
    • One dairy cow - $200
    • One breeding goat - $150
    • Regular goat - $50
    • 50 Chickens and facilities - $100
    • One acre of land for orphan care - $1,000
    • Small business start-up - $100
  • Help a disciple-maker to train at Harvest Institute for discipleship mobilization and community service - $ (your choice)
  • Help a local church 
    • Build a tin church building - $1,500
    • Assist new church plants - $100
    • For training pastors and evangelists- $100

Harvest Heralds, Inc. / Harvest21 Charitable Fund

If you wish to donate to the Harvest21 Charitable Fund:  

Before finalizing your transaction, be sure to include your designation (above) under the "Add special instructions" section so we know where to allocate your gift.

Thank You!

This is a savings fund completely separate from the operational funds of Harvest Heralds. It is restricted in that only the funds of annual interests are designated each year for selected discipleship mobilization activities as initiated by Harvest Heralds.
Our Vision: A legacy of loved ones for discipleship mobilization in the 21st century.
Our PurposeThis endowment fund is ...
  • A Tribute of Love: for love loved ones, family and friends, who set our feet on the sacred ground of God's eternal plan in Christ Jesus and gave us a chance to believe in God's glorious dream for creation and redemption.
  • A Statement of Faith: that we believe in the other side of God's dream to which those loved ones have passed and that, by grace, we, too shall experience "the rest of life" beyond this earthly experience.
  • An Expression of Hope: that what we began by faith with them in the 20th century need not stop with us and can extend far beyond ourselves into the 21st century - Harvest21.
  • A Financial Trust: by plain folks, the ordinary of this world, who have found that God has a place for them in his glorious dream.
  • A Unique Investment in God's Tomorrow: a legacy
Our Mission: soliciting, administering and distributing funds received in memory of Christian men and women  and/or as regular funds.
Our Methods: The fund is directed according to the following standards:
  • Policies abide by federal, state and local laws that uphold the tax exempt status of Harvest Heralds.
  • The fund is supervised by the Board of Directors of Harvest Heralds
  • Those honored by contributors are acknowledged by Harvest Heralds in annual communications.
  • Specific endowments made to a specific aspect of discipleship mobilization shall be honored by the Board of Directors to the best of its ability and in agreement with the donors.
  • The fund seeks low fund-raising and management costs, avoiding expensive administration that encumbers charitable intent.
  • The distribute ill always be to specific discipleship needs that will result in the greatest fruit for God's kingdom.
To see our current investment, go to the website of Church Development Fund, Inc. www.cdfonline.org

To see those whose lives have been honored by family and friends, go to the attachment called, "In Loving Memory." 

To see the policy, see The Harvest21Endowment Fund in the attachment below.

Harvest Heralds, Inc. / Harvest21 Endowment Fund

 If you wish to give to the Harvest21 Endowment Fund in memory of a loved one:  

Before finalizing your transaction be sure to include the name of your loved one in the "Add special instructions" section so we can place the name on the Endowment Memorial List.

Thank You!

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