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December 27, 2013

1. Our 2013 objectives have come to an end and we can report the following:
  • Seek 1,600 new disciples during the year.  We fell short but still saw 1,000 new men and women discipled
  • Provide a $28,500 grant to Harvest Impact Ministries, Nairobi Kenya for continued discipleship mobilization and training. At the end of 3013, we reduced their grant for 2014 because their discipleship mobilization has fallen off considerably. They are restructuring their ministry and we await their decisions. 
  • Support The Fellowship of Christian Churches, Migori, Kenya,  with support to their discipleship committee and project committee for 27 churches. The two new churches were started in 2013.  The Discipleship Committee mobilized about 800 new disciples. The Project Committee introduced several income generating projects from American donations - 16 acres under cultivation, chicken project, breeding goats.  It also helped the chruches care for 300 orphans and 70 widows - with ten of the widows receiving modest houses and pit latrines.
  • Serve South African Bible Institute for three weeks as faculty while enlisting new disciple-makers. This was completed in April and we are signed up to teach again in August and September of 2014.
  • Encourage FoCC to use the Train and Multiply (Project Worldreach) for preparing seven new pastors, evangelists, and church planters.  In 2013, they set apart ten men as evangelists and pastors 
  • Seek 20 Trainees of Harvest Institute Online from various parts of the world - Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Trinidad, Ivory Coast, and the USA.  We gained 18 trainees and it has been exciting to interact with them and their studies. 
  • Seek $50,000 in designated donations for 300 orphans, 50 widows and 3 poverty alleviation efforts through FoCC.  Generous donors provided $40,000 for these purposes. 
  • Grow the Harvest21 Endowment Fund to $100,000 with investments in Church Development Fund and from loan to Lifespring Chapel. We are right at $100,000 for the investment. In 2013, we helped a Nairobi church build their new sanctuary with $60,000 in loans.  We also helped a pastor and evangelist in charge of discipling for the Fellowship of Christian Churches expand his house for more comfortable living for him, his wife, six children and two orphans.   
2.  New in 2013 was our You Tube channel - Harvest21.  Two short videos have been uploaded and several more will be added in January, 2014.

3.  Larry's book, God's Kingdom and Our Cultures in Genesis, has become available for the first time on Amazon.com  It joins God's Dream: A Refreshing Look at the Gospel, and Dreamwalking: The Sacred Dimension of Discipleship.

4.  The new discipleship journey series has gone beyond Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda, and Trinidad. In Kenya it went to a women's prison where God used it to give new hope to 12 responsive inmates.  

5.  Larry started mentoring two MA students for Intercultural Studies for Global University. One has a ministry in Ruomania and the other in Cambodia.